“Design is an unusual field. It has depths of engagement. And in any area I'm working in, I'm striving toward making something more understandable, more accessible, and more beautiful.” - Abbott Miller

Sam RB (musician)

Illustration and graphic design for album artwork and promotion.

I have had the privilege of working with Auckland based singer/songwriter Sam RB over the past few years. The idea behind her 2014 album 'Finding Your Way Home' was that rain and clouds can be nasty, but are necessary to produce growth and beauty. In particular, the many references to rain on this album combined with the beautiful and subtle melodies of her songs led easily into the look and feel of the album artwork, which was handrawn in pencil and digitally coloured using photoshop.

IPL (Institute of Professional Learning)

Talk card education pack and promotion.

I really enjoy the challenge of using graphic design to communicate with clarity. This education pack consists of 10 A6 'conversation-starter' cards for parents to use when discussing everyday activities with their tiny tots.

Population Health Waikato

Poster, A5 flyer and rack-card design.

This was part of a proposal to present the 'Future Focus' research of Population Health in a way that engaged with the community. The colours were derived from the existing Population Health logo. The star constellation used as a background image throughout represents 'Te Pae Mahutonga', which symbolises the Southern Cross as aspects of health promotion.


Logo & business card design.

It was a joy creating this logo for Wendy and Gerry from MyMT™ (My Menopause Transformation). MyMT is an holistic programme to transform women's experience of menopause for the better. The three icons in the logo represent the core aspects of the MyMT™ course — Health, Hormones and Happiness respectively.

Pleasure, Profit and Pain

Book design and layout.

It was great to work with Dr Brett McEwan on this book which details the rich, complex and often contested role of alcohol in New Zealand society. This was the second book that I have designed and it was awesome seeing it go to print afer a lot of hard work.

NIDEA — Making Active Ageing a Reality

Photoshoot & book cover design.

The NIDEA institute undertakes research around population studies and economics to help inform choices and responses to social and economic interactions shaping New Zealand's future. I was asked to create a book cover for research into the increasingly important topic of New Zealand's ageing population, which involved meeting some classic older Kiwi's during my photoshoot!

Snow White & the Pirates

Illustration and design of posters and DL programme.

Stories & More exists to make live-theatre accessible to children and young people, both as audiences and participants. I thoroughly enjoyed creating these characters with pencil and paper and rendering them in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. They are inspired by the features of the actual actors who performed in the production.

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