About me.


I completed a Diploma in Computer Graphic Design from Natcoll (now yoobee).


After working freelance for a while I graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2006, specialising in visual communication. This degree covered drawing, graphic design, web design, advertising and art history.

I then worked as a graphic designer at UC design at the University of Canterbury until 2011, which was a whole new learning experience in itself.


Since 2011 I have been working at the University of Waikato. As the graphic designer in our printery, I enjoy the interaction I have with a diverse range of clientele and the challenge of arranging my work schedule to meet often pressing deadlines. So far so good!

My design philosophy

I'm always hungry to learn more about the ever-changing world of visual design, and it is exciting that code is becoming more accessible for designers. I have a strong grounding in foundational design principles from which I work, and have become adept at implementing these. Knowing the rules is important for knowing how to break them, and playing around with new techniques and styles is a core part of my professional practice. I love working as a designer and look forward to making my mark(s) on the world, both traditionally and digitally!

Why 'crank'?

The name crank was directly inspired from one of my graphics tutors from CPIT (Rob Lovelock), who would often look at a piece of work and say something like "I think this is working...but how can we really crank it up a bit?" This has become a part of my design philosophy by realising that the first step is to make it something 'work' visually, and there is always a second step to take something to the next level. Sometimes the 'second step' means taking something away. This has transformed the way I problem-solve creatively in a broad sense. Thanks Rob!

I would love to help you create something captivating.

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